Blackjack Cheating

Divest a Cheater

Blackjack cheaters can be both players and casino dealers, and both of them can help to find a cheater at blackjack. Do not think that dealers are always honest and clear. Casinos also can do some tricks in order to save their money and not to let you win a lot. Certainly, there are more cases of players’ cheating, and many ways of blackjack cheating can be actually found. How to find a cheater? Let’s look at this question from both sides.

If you are a casino dealer:

Your main role is to be very attentive and try to notice all the details even if you think they are not very important.

  1. First of all, always look at a player’s hands and a way how he holds his cards. Very often it is easy to notice that a player constantly touches the cards, what means he tries to mark them somehow.
  2. Often you can observe players with rather long sleeves of their shirts or jackets. It can be the sign that such a player is going to apply the method of card mucking or switching by hiding his cards in his sleeves with an intention of their further usage.
  3. Cheaters can work individually or in groups. Frankly speaking, it is much easier to divest an individual player who cheats for blackjack as it needs less concentration from you. So, do not forget also to observe people around your table because there are big chances of finding there people who help your player to win. Usually such people stand close to a table and try to give some signals to a player about cards, bets etc.
  4. Please, pay attention to the bets which a player makes. If you notice that his bets were rather low at first but suddenly he began increasing them greatly, then it can also be a sign of a cheater’s presence at your table.

If you are a player:

Remember, that casinos and dealers are also not saints, so there are big chances of the fact they try to prevent you from your winning in different ways.

  1. Pay attention to how a dealer deals cards because he can do different manipulations with them in order to confuse you. For example, if he deals cards from the bottom of a deck but not from the top of it, the chances are he knows what cards are at the bottom. This fact increases his chances to beat your money out of you.
  2. Do not forget to observe a special machine for card shuffling if a dealer uses it instead of doing shuffling by his hands. There can be an illusion of card shuffling when they are not being shuffled in fact.

I am an honest player but I see a cheater at the table.

What to do if you are a casino visitor and you want to report this casino about any cheater? Certainly you can do this and you should do this but remember it to be not a very simple process. Please, notice, that all casinos have electronic surveillance systems everywhere and very experienced people worked there to watch cheaters. So, the big chances are that while you are going to report casino security about a cheater, they already know about him.

Remember also that casinos prefer to solve problems with cheaters without any authorities’ and police interruption; casino officials just bar this or that cheater from their casinos and prohibit him to come there again. Moreover, if you want to report about cheating, be sure that a cheater does not see your intentions and does not suspect anything like that from you. Otherwise, it can be very risky for you as this person may do harm or threaten your life.


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