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All books about the card game of blackjack can be divided into several types: one teaches you how to play blackjack, other one teaches you how to cheat at blackjack and the third one tells you how to avoid blackjack cheating. Cheating – is a must for blackjack players who are aimed to win. It may be of different types (even popular strategy of playing blackjack Card Counting is also considered as cheating by casino pit bosses), but it should always be done very carefully.

Famous casino cheaters have published many of books concerning their activity. Cheating differs in all the casino games, so playing slots you cannot use blackjack methods. You can try to play Aussie slotmachines and blackjack at different online casinos implementing one and the same cheating strategy and compare how they work in different games. You will see how the results differ!


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Learn about DVDs which can help you in playing blackjack. Unfortunately, a lot of them are devoted to blackjack cheating: these DVDs visually demonstrate you how to beat casinos with sleight of hands only. But it is possible also to find DVDs not only about the cheating methods, but also about the strategies, and ways to beat the casino without usage some cheats and tricks. There are many players who were able to beat the casino using their game knowledge only. You also can find some DVDs which cover online blackjack topics and other casino games as well which were created by professionals to protect you from being cheated. And do not forget about the DVDs with the entertaining movies, which depict stories of famous gamblers and card counters. One of the most famous movies about blackjack is 21 movie based on the story of MIT team.

Card Counting

Roger Baldwin Roger Baldwin

Roger Baldwin is considered to be the father of card counting: his paper The Optimum Strategy in Blackjack, published in 1956, began the era of card counting; Baldwin is also the author of different books about blackjack, one of which had given him a right to become the member of Blackjack Hall of Fame though it was written by several authors.

Der König der Zähler The Counting King

This noble status can be given to Edward O. Thorp who continued Baldwin's work and proved the possibility of beating the house by using card counting systems. His book Beat the Dealer had become a national American bestseller when it was published in 1962. Edward O. Thorp was a nightmare of all casino dealers as he told everyone how to beat them out of their money by using one's own mind and memory.

MIT Blackjack Team

It was the group of ex-students of Massachusetts Institute of Technology who had become a real threat for all Las Vegas casinos in the end of the 20th century. For a rather short period of time they were able to beat casinos out of a great amount of money without using any computer devices but just card counting system. All MIT members were mathematicians and engineers by profession and they used a team work to play blackjack and win.

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dealer with cards A deal with a dealer

It is probably the easiest way of blackjack cheating as it does not demand any specific skills from a player: everything you should do is to try making a deal with a dealer by giving him some money or promises to share your winning with him. Such a cheating is called to be dealer collusion or dealer cheating. It is very popular indeed though today not many dealers are ready to risk and accept such a proposition from players.

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If you are a fan of blackjack game, you will definitely like baccarat game. The point is that the mechanics of these games is very similar to blackjack. Some people even are sure, that baccarat is one of the variations of blackjack games. Do you like the thrill of online baccarat? Perhaps you enjoy winning the massive jackpot that's roaming the tourney, just visiting one of the best casinos tonight and enjoying evening filled of fun and exciting online casino games like online poker, roulette, craps and other games!

Blackjack is one of oldest and most exciting casino games. Moreover, this game requires not only your luck and good fortune, but also your mental abilities, so it may be stated, that in blackjack game everything depends on you and your decisions.

There are also games, which are totally unpredictable as slots or roulette. Once you get tired from the blackjack game, try yourself at chance games. You have no need to implement complicated strategies or think for a long time before you decide what to do. You do not need to count cards, or be concentrated on facial expressions of your co-tables. No efforts, just fun and huge wins.


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