Blackjack Cheating

Computer Devices for Cheating

Today more and more players try to use different computer cheating devices, e.g.blackjack cheat sheet, which can help them to count cards and predict which of them are left in a shoe. The usage of such devices stays to be illegal and is considered to be one more way of cheating. Though this question is still open because two sides of the problem can be found:

  1. Computer cheating devices are associated with card counting, which is not considered to be a cheating today. So, why not?
  1. You can use different strategies in your mind to make it easier for yourself to count cards but you do it by your own brains, memory and so on and so forth but not with computer (machine and mechanic devices).

 The father of such electronic devices for card counting was Ken Uston. His team introduced pocket-sized devices which helped then to win a great amount of money for a short time in 1970’s. One of these devices was revealed  and Ken Uston pleaded guilty but was soon bailed.  And Ken Uston wrote a book afterwards where he described all his experience in blackjack.

Today the Internet is full of advertisements which propose to buy different blackjack cheating devices to help you in becoming the king of blackjack. For example, this one:

Blackjack Pro

This is a small pocket-sized device which, as creators promise, will help you to become a professional of blackjack quickly and without many years of practice. Just use it and you’ll become rich in a minute. Yeah, right!

Another interesting device is called CCSA (Card counting and Shuffle Analysis).

Well, as for the card counting, it is clear. This machine will help you to count cards without keeping all the information in your mind. As for the shuffle analysis, the creators of this device make us sure that random cards shuffling is impossible and all those shuffling machines, used by casinos, can not give us absolutely unpredictable variant of shuffling.

All these devices are still illegal of course but real optimists do not give up believing in their soon legalization.


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