Blackjack Cheating

Collusion - Dealer's Help

Here we have probably the easiest way to cheat in blackjack as you do not need any special skills or knowledge for using it. Well, if you are going to try it you would better take a lot of money with you when you go to a casino.

Catch him cheating. Whom?

The hint here is very simple. You just come to a casino and try to graft a dealer. This way of blackjack cheating is usually called dealer collusion or dealer cheating.

If a dealer agrees (that is actually hard to imagine now. Why? Read below.) a player has a right to manage the game. There are a lot of stories which were told by players themselves when a player always won the blackjack duel with a dealer. And his victories continued during all the time that player was at the one particular table. As soon as that player left the table, a dealer started to win again. Hmmm… Dealer cheating is obvious here, is not it?

Anyway, there are not many dealers who will be ready to make a deal with you. Why? This is a rhetorical question of course as a dealer will not risk losing his job or being arrested. The price is too high. Moreover, all casinos check their dealers every 20 minutes by cameras.

What is my risk here?

You risk to be caught up and arrested if a dealer refuses to have any deal with you. This is the first and the most important risk for you.

And the second risk is a chance to lose your money. A dealer can assure you of the fact he agrees for a deal but when you start a game you understand that he refused. You do not have your bribe back as a result and there is nobody to complain of. You clearly see that if you complain of this case you will be arrested for cheating. The risk is obvious here.


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