Blackjack Cheating


Roland "Rico" Chapa

The bookmaker and ganster who had been wanted by the police for 30 years had been finally arrested in 2008 for blackjack cheating. Roland "Rico" Chapa was noticed to have the same 2 cards several times during playing blackjack at the St. Timothy Church Festival. Chapa denied his guilt but nevertheless was sentenced for 6 months of prison.

Non-guilty Ken Uston

Certainly, it is strange to see this fascinating man, whose name is widely known in the world of blackjack, in the list of blackjack cheaters. Anyway, it was the time when Ken Uston was suspected to be a cheater for his electronic card counting device; Uston and his team won a lot of money thanks to this device but it was revealed, and Ken Uston pleaded guilty but was soon bailed.

The Tran Organization

This company has a right to be called the main blackjack cheating organization which was found in 2002 and worked through the USA with the aim of cheating casinos. It was formed in San Diego, California, and its members used blackjack and mini-baccarat games to use cheating methods. In 2009 Tai Tran and 13 other members of Tran Organization were charged to be guilty in being members of such an illegal organization.

New Bonnie and Claid

The great example of dealer collusion was shown in Mississippi in 2009: the casino dealer Shatawna Thomas was caught while trying to cheat her casino together with one of its players, Renover White. White tried to disappear with money at first but was soon caught; Shatawna was picked up on the casino floor. They were able to beat the casino out of $10 000 in an hour!

Dan & Dave Buck

It is up to you to decide whether it is cheating or magic: Dave and Dan Buck, the twin-brothers magicians, devoted all their lives to card magic. They showed different card tricks which were possible to do with good hand coordination; the Bucks were able to become very popular and got a lot of money because of their magic. The brothers also took part at Time Warp series on Discovery Channel where they showed some cards techniques which could help card cheaters to do their “job”: to beat money out of casinos illegally.

Divest a cheater

Here some tips for you are described with the help of which you can easily divest a cheater: they seem to be obvious but very often we just miss them somehow. Read how to divest a cheater being a player, how to see him being a casino dealer, and what precautions you should make before telling a casino about the fact you noticed a cheater at the blackjack table.

It is a high time to confess: you are here, so you are interested in blackjack cheating and casino cheaters. Why do you need this information? Well, there can be some reasons of it:

  1. You just like learning some new information you did not know before.
  2. You want to know everything about cheating and cheaters to protect yourself from them.
  3. You are a novice casino dealer and you try to learn more information in order to be more experienced and not to be fired at your first week of working.
  4. You write a book on this topic and that is why you are exploring thousands of web-sites, trying to find interesting facts.
  5. Or maybe you want to become one of professional blackjack casino cheaters? Be honest!

Though blackjack is considered to be a very noble, classical card game it is a game anyway. And there were always people who tried to do everything for a winning, even if this “everything” was not very legal and honest. Such people are called cheaters. The chances are that today it is much easier to find a player who cheated at least once than a person who considers himself to be the most honest blackjack player in the world.

Casinos think that cheaters are people who do not respect the game itself and try to earn money dishonestly. But let’s think: are casinos as honest as they try to assure us? Who are real cheaters: blackjack players or casinos? The answer is actually easy: both of them. Casinos cheat in a way of changing blackjack rules a bit. They assert that they try to protect themselves from players who practice cheating in blackjack in such a way.

What about cheating between players? Are there any “stars” whose names are well-known now? Definitely! For example, The Tran Organization, a well-known company which was founded in 2002 with the aim of cheating casinos all over the USA and Canada; or Roland "Rico" Chapa, a bookmaker who was caught by a dealer while cheating. Even Ken Uston, who today has an honor to be the member of Blackjack Hall of Fame, was suspected in cheating when he invented a pocket-sized computer device for card counting.  What about modern “Bonnie and Claid”, one of which was a casino dealer?

As you can see, every field has its own “heroes”. Blackjack is not an exception here.


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