Blackjack Cheating

Cheating at Blackjack: Main Ways to Cheat at Casino

Spooking spooking icon

This way of cheating was used by dealers at first: they tried to see the second card of a player in order to find out whether a player would have blackjack. Later, spooking began to be used by players who worked as a team: one sat at the blackjack table, another one stood behind a dealer's back trying to find out what cards a dealer had and giving a sign to his fellow worker. | read more

Marking marking icon

Actually, this way of cheating is considered to be the most popular and easiest one. Marking is the oldest way to cheat while playing blackjack. Everything a player needs to do is mark a card somehow: by using fingernails for example. Different inks and scretches are also possible to use for card marking. Today modern technologies let cheaters use a bigger variety of things for marking. | read more

Mucking mucking icon

Imagine the situation: you sit at the blackjack table and have two cards in your hand. You understand that it would be better for one of these two cards to appear later during the game. What to do? Ask for one more card from a dealer and replace one of your cards with the new one. Such a way of cheating is called to be mucking and it should not be mixed up with switching though they are practically the same.| read more

Bending Bending icon

Bending is considered to be the same with card marking actually: it was the first variant of marking which was used before all other ways of cheating were invented. How to protect yourself from such cheaters if you prefer to play blackjack at home for example? Some tips and advice are given for this case: use plastic cards for example; they are more difficult to mark. | read more

Switching switching icon

Sometimes switching goes together with mucking because the point of both this methods is the same: card replacing. A cheater should have a good sleight of hands for doing this and staying unnoticed. Usually a player's sleeves are used for replacing cards, so pay attention to players with long sleeves.| read more

Dealers Help dealers icon

It is actually the easiest way of blackjack cheating as a player does not need to have any particular skills for doing that. Such a way of cheating is called to be dealer collusion or dealer cheating: a player tries to bribe a dealer by promising him to share a winning with him. Today dealers prefer not to risk, and they usually dismiss such a proposition; anyway, dealer collusion has a place to exist. | read more

Machine "helpers" machine icon

Different computer devices which can help a player to count cards and increase his chances for winning are still illegal and prohibited to use at playing blackjack. First such devices were created in 1970's by Ken Uston and his team; today a lot of them can be easily found and bought on the Internet though they stay to be illegal and are considered to be one more way of blackjack cheating.| read more

“ It is not about cheating – it is about winning!”

This phrase is the favourite one of blackjack cheats who try to beat casinos illegally in different ways in order to get more money. It is completely understandable that casinos do not like this people and casinos’ securities are actually good acquainted with different kinds of cheating and they try not to allow such cases. All casinos strongly recommend their players not to be blackjack cheats anyhow in order not to spoil the pleasure from a game and not to be turned out of the casino forever. Certainly, the cases of cheating can be found in all kinds of card games and blackjack is not an exception here.

Cheating is the easiest way to become rich playing blackjack. Who did not think of it? The more popular blackjack became – the more people tried to get a benefit from it. Well, everybody gets a benefit from this game and it is a point of it actually, but we mean a dishonest way of winning here.

A lot of ways exist to cheat a casino during a blackjack game. Professional cheaters know all of them of course and do not find it to be very difficult.

What are the ways of blackjack cheating?

(just to know them but not to use them)

  • Spooking
  • Switching
  • Marking
  • A deal with a dealer
  • Machine devices
  • Bending
  • Muckling

Most of them assume your hands’ dexterity but you can also rely on a computer (which can count instead of you) or a dealer’s lack of conscientiousness (which can also “help” you to win money). Today, when it is also possible to play card games online, the artful cheaters have a chance to cheat at online blackjack too.

It was the time when card counting was also considered to be a way of cheating. Ken Uston (one of blackjack professionals believed to be a respected person among blackjack fans) was even charged with it. But at the end it was proved to be innocent.

There is an old and well-known expression which perfectly describes the nature of cheating.

“Cheaters never win and winners never cheat”.

For a real professional and a fan of blackjack it will be much more pleasant to win by his own head and skills. Such money is really worth and agreeable to get.


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