Blackjack Cheating


Thanks to modern technologies and the wide world of the Internet, each of us has an opportunity to find, learn, buy and use different information about the fields we are interested in. The world of card games and casinos is not an exception here and, for example, speaking about blackjack, it can be said that many web-sites are devoted to this game in particular. Much information about the blackjack history, its basic strategy, counting systems, people who were more or less concerned with this card game is easy to find today. Moreover, there are many Internet-shops who sell a great variety of books about blackjack, card games for playing it and different accessories to help you with playing blackjack.

Unfortunately (or maybe luckily for someone), a great amount of such information is devoted to blackjack cheating. For not very big money you can become an owner of books about the ways of cheating at blackjack, special marked cards, some computer counting devices, accessories which can help you to see cards of your competitor etc. And, certainly, do not forget about blackjack DVDs which visually demonstrate you how to beat money out of casinos illegally and how to cheat only with the help of your sleight of hands.

George Joseph's Cheating at Blackjack DVD.

For example, George Joseph's Cheating at Blackjack DVD.

In fact, the aim of this DVD is not teaching you how to cheat in blackjack but how to protect yourself from being cheated. The disk demonstrates us different cheating techniques which are used by professional cheaters at casinos. Moreover, today many people practice blackjack at home, preferring playing with friends (and not only with friends) in evenings, so the knowledge of cheating techniques can help you to protect yourself as you do not have any surveillance systems at home.

George Joseph, the author of this disc, worked as a director of surveillance at some casinos, trained some enforcement agencies and appeared to television several times.

Cheating at Blackjack DVD is sold only for educational purpose as well as entertainment ones. Joseph does not have any wishes to teach you cheating though some cheaters certainly can use his DVD for learning new ways to cheat.

Dustin D. Marks’ Cheating at Blackjack – The Real Work DVD.

One more disk about cheating, which purpose is exactly to teach you how to cheat, is Dustin D. Marks’ Cheating at Blackjack – The Real Work DVD.

Dustin D. Mark worked as a casino dealer in Las Vegas before and he was the one whose cheating had not been noticed by casino security. Dustin wrote also the book about blackjack cheating where he described the methods of beating money out of casinos. And now all these methods are also shown at the DVD where you can visually see how everything works. Every step and movement shown at the disk is explained in details. This DVD is described as being produced by a real expert of this field but not by the ones who just call themselves to be experts.


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