Blackjack Cheating


What can be better for a person who likes both blackjack and reading than reading a book about his favorite card game? Probably nothing can be found; moreover, there are a great amount of blackjack books of different quality can be found, and it will be actually very easy for you to find and buy these books. Besides, all blackjack books can be divided into three types:

  1. Educational books which were written by professionals and famous people in the world of blackjack. Those books will give all fans of blackjack the information about this wonderful card game, basic strategy to play it, info about card counting, strategies how to count cards using mathematics and your memory, the history of blackjack, famous blackjack players etc.

    The names of these books’ authors are well-known in the world of blackjack and they have already become blackjack legends as they had done much for this game’s development and popularity. Who of us did not hear such names as Arnold Snyder, Edward O Thorp, Ben Mezrich (MIT Blackjack Team), Ken Uston and many others? Their books have already become handbooks of both professional blackjack players and beginners.

    The world-famous blackjack books of these authors are:

    Beat the Dealer Bringing Down the House Blackbelt in Blackjack Million Dollar Blackjack Basic Blackjack
    Edward O Thorp Ben Mezrich Arnold Snyder Ken Uston Stanford Wong

    The books which are written by professionals of blackjack in order to protect blackjack players from being cheated at casino tables. Such books do not teach you how to play blackjack but they teach you how to be very attentive and watch casino personnel for understanding whether they try to cheat or not. Though the majority of casinos prefer not to cheat, do not consider ALL of them to be honest. The great example of such a book is How to Detect Casino Cheating at Blackjack by Bill Zender where the author describes the moments you should pay attention to during playing blackjack at the casino table.

  2. And, finally, one more sort of books about blackjack. These books will be very useful for you if you have plans to become a real professional cheater at blackjack. Such books can teach you how to cheat at blackjack, what methods it is possible to use for cheating and how not to be caught by casino security for becoming barred from casinos forever. Certainly, such books are not as popular as previous ones but they definitely find their fans, because any card game can not exist without cheaters who try to win “easy money”. Anyway, the more people try to cheat – the more popular the game is, is not it?


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