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History of Blackjack - Short Overview

This card game has a very rich history but certainly one of the events everybody wants to know where the very beginning was. All the sources give us the same information about the motherland of blackjack. This is France. Blackjack was born and first noticed there in the 18th century and became popular in other countries (particularly, in the USA) in early 1900’s.

Blackjack has a lot of such-called “twins” – card games which are very alike with blackjack but have very small differences in rules with it. For example, we can speak about the card game which was very popular in Spain and called One and Thirty. According to the rules of this game, player had to get 31 points with no more than 3 cards. Sounds similar, isn't it?

Blackjack had its twins also in other countries such as:

  • Italy (the game was called Seven and a Half)
  • Russia (the game was called Ochko or 21)
  • France (the game was called Vingt Et Un. Now it is considered to be the father of blackjack though the rules of these two games are a little bit different).

When blackjack came from Europe to America it was not actually very popular. Fans of this game should thank to French colonists which brought their card game “21” to America with them. The rules were a little bit changed then and the game got its modern name “blackjack”, so the game became popular and loved throughout many places. Even now, in our modern world, when all of us think that there is nothing new to invent, blackjack goes through some development and improvements thanks to modern technologies and the Internet. A lot of blackjack casinos can be found on the Internet today. So, even lazy people who do not like going outside can still get a pleasure from their favourite game.


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