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Blackjack Rules for Beginners

Blackjack game rules can be described briefly though it does not meen they are very easy to follow. This game is played between a player and a casino dealer, no matter how many people are at the table with you. Their cards play no role to you as your main goal is to become a winner in a duel with a dealer.

What blackjack game rules you should know before start playing?

Choose a right table.

Not all blackjack beginners know that it is very important to choose a right table to play a game. Please, pay attention to the colour of the table. Some casinos divide blackjack tables according to the max and min bet at the table. You should decide for yourself the limit of the bet are you able to accept. Tables can be red (5 dollars minimum), green (for 25 US dollars) and black (the bet of 100 US dollars minimum).

Please, be sure that the table you choose is actually for the game of blackjack. You can mix up the table you need with any other card game.

Learn what each card of a deck means.

This is probably the main thing you should know, otherwise you will not be able to win and you will easily lose your money.

Blackjack is played with a deck of 52 cards. All small cards (2-9) are the same of their meaning. Face cards (including 10) will give you 10 points.

As for an Ace, it can give you 11 points or 1 point depending on how many points you need.

How to start a game?

To start a game, you should buy some chips for your betsfrom a dealer.

After that, make a bet. Remember the following point: when all the cards are dealt you have no right to touch your bet.

A dealer gives you 2 cards (he does the same for himself) and you can already start a game after this.

What is actually the point of the game?

If you want to become a winner your aim is to overcome the hand of a dealer but your hand should be no more than 21 points. When your hand exceeds 21 it means you have automatically lost. Such a situation is called bust.

The best variant for you is to have 2 cards in your hand as a result, the sum of which will be equal to 21 points. Such a situation is called blackjack actually or natural (according to the blackjack terminology).

What choices do you have during a game?

When a dealer gives you your 2 cards you have a choice of some following steps in order to continue or stop the game. You can:

HIT = ask a dealer for one more card.

STAND = ask for no more cards. By stand you show a dealer that you do not need any more cards and you prefer to stay with those one you already have.

DOUBLE DOWN = ask for your bet doubling. In this case a dealer gives you one more card (you have 3 of them now) and you have no right to take any more cards after that.

SPLIT = ask a dealer for the hand separation. When you have your 2 initial cards and see that they are equal (two 6’s for example) you have a right to separate this hand and play with 2 new hands. The new second hand has automatically the same bet as for the first hand and the player plays now with 2 separate hands.

SURRENDER = you can ask for surrender when you have your 2 initial cards (not after you split them) and you consider your chances for winning to be very and very poor. In this case you lose a half of your bet.

Actually, there is a great amount of different blackjack terms which are better to remember if you plan to become a professional.

Do not forget to take your winning!

After finishing the game you can take the chips you’ve won and exchange them for money. If you have a lot of small denomination chips, a dealer can change it for an equal amount of bigger denomination chips. After that go to the cashier and exchange your chips for money.


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